Negative Pressure Ventilation is still present an effective method of non-invasive ventilation and represents a valid alternative to different and more traditional methods of ventilation. This technique is able to guarantee breathing that is completely analogous to the natural one, ie consisting in one phase inspiratory followed by the phase expiratory. Both phases are applied by means of a negative pressure ventilator and some accessories connected to it, such as a cuirass or poncho. The ventilator first applies negative pressure by forcing the movement of the diaphragm downwards while the rib muscles stretch to enlarge the chest: this process generates lung expansion by generating lower intrathoracic pressure than the external one; "Negative pressure" means that the pressure drops below normal atmospheric level, causing air to be sucked into the respiratory tract and up to the lungs. Subsequently, the ventilator exerts a positive pressure by forcing the air inside the chamber, so as to compress the chest and empty the lungs. The exhalation can also take place at atmospheric pressure, an option that often proves sufficient to allow an effective exhalation. This technique can often replace invasive ventilation or traditional non-invasive ventilation (mask ventilation)thus increasing patient comfort and significantly reducing the risk of the many side effects related to other forms of ventilation.


The new armor soft by Dima Italia is an accessory for negative ventilation designed to guarantee a good quality of life and normal daily activities.

It is a structure that creates a ventilation chamber on the chest.

It is used together with the negative fan Negavent - Pegaso Vent.

On the edges it is covered with a soft gasket to ensure patient comfort and ensure low pressure losses.

It is available in 9 sizes (different sizes are available on request) and the choice of size depends on the size of the chest, body structure, weight and height and any abnormalities or characteristics such as scoliosis, sunken areas, etc.

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The Poncho of Dima Italia srl ​​is a suit made of Gore-Tex® and is a very comfortable accessory for negative pressure ventilation.

Inside, the Poncho is supported by a grill and a back plate when it is connected to the negative pressure fan.

Easy to use and store, it is washable and allows negative ventilation therapy comfortably even during night sleep.

The Gore-Tex® Poncho is offered in three different sizes (ML-XL).