Pulmonary simulation

Dima Italy is an authorized Italian distributor of products Michigan Instruments ™.

TTL® Training & Test Lungs and PneuView offers excellent lung simulation quality in combination with a personal computer.

PneuView Double Adult System, allows lung simulation and very large data recording capacity.

The system includes two adult lung models with independently adjustable lung compliance and airway resistance.

This allows simulations of a wide range of lung conditions, both in good and pathological conditions.

System properties include:

  • Real-time presentation of pressure, volume and flow waveforms and flow / volume and pressure / volume curves
  • The acquisition, storage and examination of data from the lung test
  • The visualization and documentation of the performance of the fan up to 72 hours
  • The measurement of pressure, volume, flow and timeliness values
  • The development of concise yet comprehensive printed reports

For more information, refer to the Michigan Instruments ™ website at www.michiganinstruments.com.