Luna 3.5 is a high-tech press-volumetric ventilator designed to support patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure.
Thanks to its versatility and the ability to operate different ventilatory modes, it offers the best therapy based on the patient's therapeutic needs.

Luna it is designed for hospital and home care.


NIV: single pipe with ventilated masks

NIV: single pipe with unventilated masks + whisper

NIV: single pipe with CPAP and PEEP valve helmets

MPV (nozzle ventilation


Internal Li-PO battery

up to 10 hours of therapy


Oxygen enrichment

Unidirectional low pressure connector

(up to 15lpm - 60hpa)


Monitoring of therapies

download of therapies through dedicated software

Patterns Luna 3.5
Application NIV, MPV mouthpiece ventilation
Ventilation modes S, S / T, T, PC, CPAP, CV, CA, SIMV, SIMV-P
Usable circuits Single-pipe system with loss - NIV in mask

15mm single tube system - MPV

Multitherapy up to 3 adjustable therapies
Inspiratory pressure 4 - 60 hPa (0.5 hPa steps) (± 10% or 2hPa)
Expiratory pressure 0 - 25 hPa (0.5 hPa steps) (± 10% or 2hPa)
Inspiratory volume 10 ml -2500 mL (10 ml-500 ml: 10 ml step; 500 ml-2500 ml: 50 ml step)
Frequency 5 - 60 BPM (1 BPM steps) (± 10%)
Inspiratory time 0.3 - 3.0 sec (0,1 sec steps) (± 10% or 0.2s)
Guaranteed tidal volume Yes, 50cc to 2500cc
Flow curve Square, decelerated
Inspiratory trigger Autotrack and 9 different levels (1 = more sensitive, 9 = less sensitive)
Expiratory trigger Autotrack and 10% to 70% of the maximum inspiratory flow (10% = less sensitive, 70% = more sensitive)
Alarms High + Low Inspiratory Pressure

High + Low Expiratory Pressure

High + Low Respiratory Rhythm (Apnea)

Minimum Guaranteed Volume not reached

Minimum volume per minute High + Low

Leak - Open system

Circuit disconnected

Low battery level

No power supply

Enrichment O2 Enrichment in low pressure (flow meter) - up to 15lpm @ 60hPa
Particle and liquid protection IP22
Acoustic pressure Alarms 90dBA
Noise 10hPa - 31dB; 20hPa - 33dB; 30hPa - 36dB
Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 13 cm (W x H x D)