High-tech press-volumetric fan

Luna it is designed to support patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure.

Thanks to its versatility and the ability to operate with different circuits (double tube with expiratory valve, single tube with expiratory valve, single tube with leakage system, circuit for mouthpiece ventilation), it offers the best therapy according to the therapeutic needs of the patient.

Luna it is equipped with a 7-inch "touchscreen" display that allows the user to intuitively set the ventilation parameters. The home page constantly monitors the values ​​of the therapy, with particular attention to the quality of ventilation (tidal volumes, Leakage and minute ventilation).

Performing characteristics

  • Wide therapeutic versatility: invasive and non-invasive ventilation, with active valve circuits and loss circuits
  • Accurate volumes and trigger sensitivity
  • Wide range of settings and alarms for each specific need
  • Measurement of exhaled volumes with "dual limb" circuit
  • "Easy to use" operating interface
  • Multitherapy for safe and effective use at home
  • Lithium polymer battery (14 hours autonomy in standard condition PS 10hPa, Epap 5hPa, Fr 15cpm)
  • Exhaustive monitoring and graphing of the Pressure / Time and Flow / Time curves
  • Optional FiO2 monitoring
  • Storage and download of the therapies carried out and of the alarm events
  • Indicated for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients



  • Transport trolley: for transporting the device to your home, care facility or hospital. Cart weight 5.3 kg. Maximum sustainable weight 20 kg.
  • Functional bag: allows the use of the fan during transport
  • Carrying bag: bag dedicated to the transport / storage of the fan and its accessories
  • Flexible arm for MPV circuit: supports the patient with reduced mobility during mouthpiece ventilation