Patient positioning

Dima Italy is the exclusive Italian distributor of products Action Products ©.


The cushions and positioners in AKTON® polymer prevent pressure ulcers by distributing perpendicular pressures laterally, reducing tangential pressure, absorbing and dissipating the patient's heat for a long time (hours).

Designed and manufactured in the United States by the Action Products © company, for a first use in the space and aeronautics fields, this material has found different, successive, applications where particular protection is required from excessive pressure, caused by weight or acceleration.

AKTON® polymer is a solid, mono-molecular material (not a liquid contained in an envelope); any cuts or breaks do not generate dispersion and, if of limited size, can be repaired by the users themselves.

All supports, mattresses, cushions and various positioners are non-deformable and resume their initial shape after use. The material has a hardness lower than zero, but a very high resistance to vertical pressure, traction and considerable elongation capacity; it is translucent on X-rays, self-extinguishing, antistatic, fungus-resistant. The high specific weight (1,03 - similar to water), guarantees excellent stability. These devices, thanks to their high physical resistance, if treated correctly, allow a long use over time (several years).

Innovative features: 

  • Perfect adaptation to the human body
  • disinfectable
  • It does not absorb odors
  • It does not spread in case of breakage
  • No weight limitation
  • Long duration
  • Exceptional weight distribution capacity

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