40 years of passion, study and research in the field of breathing.


Dima Italia was founded, initially dedicated to the marketing of electromedical equipment and medical-surgical devices. His first office is located in Via Saragozza 166 in Bologna.


The company moved to the new headquarters in Via Argelati 16 in Bologna, a few steps from the Sant'Orsola Hospital.


The first design of a negative pressure ventilator begins, the Negavent Respirator.


The increase in production leads the company to move to the larger headquarters in Via Barontini 10 in Bologna.


Series production begins and, in a short time, the Negavent Respirator conquers the national market. New versions of the fan will always follow, up to today's New Negavent DA-3 PLUS, Pegaso Vent model.


Dima Italia SAS expands its range of products by obtaining the exclusive for Italy of the CME (United States) ultrasound and Doppler line.


The first bi-level fan of Dima Italia is released, the Multilevel Night & Day ST30.


Dima Italia Sas also acquires the exclusivity of ACTION brand anti-decubitus products® (United States). From this moment the expansion of the sales network begins with the designation of distributors and agents throughout Italy.


Dima Italia Sas sells its commercial and production activity to Dima Italia Srl. Dima Italia Srl thus begins the design of new equipment up to their realization.


It is an extremely important year for the development of the company. The new V-LEONARDO positive pressure volumetric / pressometric fan is born, which will be proposed in 2000 not only on the national market but also on the foreign one. Dima Italia Srl implements a Quality System, UNI CEI ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485: 2002 certified. It also certifies, where necessary, all equipment to the general European safety standards, according to Directive 93/42 / EEC with approval by the Notified Body CERMET. At the same time, it continues to market anti-decubitus products for long-term stays and operating rooms, such as positioners and polymer mattresses, air and water mattresses and consumables for fans.


Two new fans come out which will be among the best-selling Dima Italia products: the cough assistant Pegaso Cough and the volumetric / pressometric fan Multilevel VP.


Dima Italia expands even further and moves to the new 3.550 mXNUMX office. Dima Italia continues the design and production of new products by expanding its range with Cpap, Multilevel, Pulse oximeters, Electronic Oxygen Regulator, negative / positive fan, cough assistant, measuring instruments for the pneumological sector, such as flow-volume meters, pressures , etc ...


Today's negative pressure fan, Pegaso V, arrives on the market


The new O2 Flow Regulator 106 model is released.


Dima Italia launches Mini Pegaso, the first pediatric cough assistant, portable thanks to its internal rechargeable battery. I also develop the current Multilevel Night & Day ST30.


Dima Italia obtains the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for the Pegaso line and expands exports to the United States.


The long experience and research leads to the development of the latest Multilevel Night & Day ST40 models, a bilevel fan with superior performance to the models available on the market. The release of the successor of the Multilevel VP, the new Athena, a latest generation volumetric / metric fan, is expected in the second half of 2010.


The new Pegaso Cough and Mini Pegaso Cough models are released.


Dima Italia celebrates its 35th anniversary!


The pressure fan is presented Luna and the new Athena press-volumetric fan model.


Dima Italia successfully continues its research and development policy focusing on the design of new devices for negative pressure ventilation and oxygen therapy.


An important process of restyling the corporate image begins, leading to significant innovations in the technological field, first of all the creation of the new institutional website www.dimaitalia.com, multilingual and optimized for all desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, the development of new devices (IAPV, NPV, Press-Volumetric Ventilation) and the increase in the activity of the Export and Marketing branches continue.